Our Local Control and Accountability Plan 2019-20

goal 1
Goal 1

Our stakeholders will be connected and engaged with their community .

  • Provide access to in-person student engagement opportunities for families.
  • Build greater connections between home and school community using social media and virtual platforms.
goal 2
Goal 2

Our students will achieve academically through individualized learning. 

  • Maintain a math theme to inspire student interest and expand math academic support for families including curriculum, instructional techniques and tutoring options.
  • Provide academic support to identified student subgroups in ELA and Math, offering a wide range of options including in-person and virtual opportunities.
Cinque Terre
Goal 3

Our students will have access to quality curriculum and educational choices. 

  • Support the Curriculum Library so curriculum is more accessible to parents and ESs and to improve the circulation of used curriculum.
  • Provide additional options for high school students so they are prepared for postgraduate opportunities. 
  • Improve student access to online and hands-on learning opportunities.

What is LCAP?

California has recently launched a significant change to how schools are funded. This new funding model uses a formula designed to provide more local control over spending. As a result, each district (in our case, each school) is required to create a Local Control and Accountability Plan often called the LCAP.

California’s new funding law addresses eight (8) areas. These areas are: student achievement, student engagement, other student outcomes, course access, school climate, basic services, parental involvement, and implementation of the Common Core State Standards. We invite you to engage with us throughout this process in envisioning what our community desires for our students.
As part of our schools' continuing effort to engage parent, guardian, and community input on the LCAP, the IEM Schools have developed this website to explain the new state law, post information as it becomes available, and gather feedback from you as our plan is created.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for being a part of our students' success! 
Laurie Goltara
LCAP Coordinator

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