Student Spotlight

Callan C.


Callan Cheng
Callan C.

Callan C.

Callan entered an art contest put on by the California Coastal Commission and won for his grade level! The contest was open to all California residents and students needed to submit a project that had anything to do with the California Coast. He won $100 worth of art supplies and free tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific! In this process, Callan was also able to learn about different animals, the wetlands, and environmental challenges that coastal animals face.

Also, Callan is a semi-finalist for the Toyota Art Contest. The contest is open to children in multiple countries. Students who enter the contest must design a dream car and how it makes the world a better place. Callan designed “The Everything Car”.

Callan’s description of “The Everything Car”: My dream car can fit more than 100,000 people. It can fly, go underwater, and it has a water park with a pool inside. It can be on autodrive. It absorbs the gas from the sky in one second. It can land on the sun and stay there for 10,000 hours. If a car hits it, the car is really smushy and the car bounces off and does not cause an accident.

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