Sky Mountain Charter School Minutes
SMCS Parent Council Meeting

By Webex Teleconference
8560 Aliento Road
Lucerne Valley, CA. 92356

April 12, 2013, 1:00 pm-1:53pm




Shana Fisk; Sky Mountain Charter School Director, welcomed and thanked the Sky Mountain Parent Council Members for taking the time to attend the meeting.

Attendees: Valerie Williams, Jennifer Felton, Christina Shearholdt, Krista Williamson, Sonia Giordani-Johnston, Vikki Gonzales, Marci Peterson, Josie Robles, Elizabeth Eagen, Renee Henry, Christine DeVries, Tracy Springford, Shana Fisk, Susan Clark, Eric Schoffstall, Katie Ringhofer, Jana Smith, Erin Havrilesky, Sarah Coyan

Members of the public may be heard on any item. A person addressing the Council will be limited to 3 minutes, unless the Site Administrator grants a longer period of time. Comments by members of the public on an item on the agenda will only be allowed during consideration of the item by the Council.

-Christine DeVries had questions about the GEA subcommittee and would like more information on the roles of that committee.
-This question will be answered in an email to the council.

-Valerie Williams presented for the yearbook committee; Valerie and Vikki Gonzales have worked together on this project.
-They shared where the yearbook committee is in terms of moving forward with production of a 2012/13 school yearbook.
-An email has gone out to parents via the school listserv with a survey in regard to a yearbook; limited response along with content in the responses of SMCS families caused some mixed emotion that proved a flexible program will be needed for the yearbook.  
-Judy Jo is the sales associate who the yearbook committee is working with on developing an Entourage yearbook.
-Yearbooks will be printed in color and shipped directly to the homes of families who order a yearbook.
-An 80 page book is $29.95 plus $7.95 for shipping.
-The yearbook committee would like to get news to parents about this yearbook opportunity via school listserv, school telephone broadcast, and faculty support.
-Valerie Williams shared a power point presentation and Entourage yearbook website with the council that showed details of the yearbook committees plans in regard to moving forward with an Entourage yearbook.
-The proposal and presentation included detailed information about the opportunities and options with using the Entourage yearbook company.
-Families will have online opportunities to upload photos and purchase a yearbook.
-Detailed information will go out to families via school listserv.
-Valerie Williams requested proposal approval from Sky Mountain administration.
-The yearbook committee had follow up questions for Sky Mountain administration which will be answered in an email to the yearbook committee.  


Katie Ringhofer, Graduation
-Graduation planning is well underway.
-SMCS has received quite a few submissions from students for presentations at the graduation ceremony; those essay submissions are now under review.
-Two SMCS students who are professional performers have been selected to perform the National Anthem at the graduation ceremony.
- Graduation planning is moving along very well, the site is secured; we are very excited, it’s going to be a beautiful day.  

Jana Smith, Assessment Update
-Last year after STAR testing, the assessment team sat down with the STAR coordinators (group of 18 ESs) to record feedback and suggestions, this included parent feedback.
-Goals for this year have been to streamline the STAR testing process to help maintain integrity and increase efficiency.
-When ESs are well informed and prepared they are better equipped to put families at ease during the testing process.
-Cindy Dominguez and Lisa Phillips have been amazing in streamlining the process.
-There are 8 testing sites this year, 2 of which have completed their testing and the feedback has been positive.
-This year has been a learning process for the assessment team; the goal is to continue to refine procedures for next year, always making improvements and adjustments as necessary.
-There will be some major changes over the next few years as we begin to implement common core standards.
-The assessment team believes that by maintaining a frame of mind that is flexible, and willing to learn, that those changes can be addressed efficiently and educated decisions can be made based on the needs of students and parents.

Susan Clark, IEM Report
-Sky Mountain is in very good financial health.
-Non classroom based charters have different rules that govern the funding than site based charter schools and regular public schools.
-Based on specific spending rules from CDE; they can determine what percent of funding we get and how long before we have to reapply for funding.
-In February of this year it was time for us to submit our funding determination and we are pleased to announce that at the April 10, 2013 meeting of the advisory commission of charter schools, SMCS was recommenced for 100% funding for the next 4 years.  
-This is evidence of financial health and shows integrity of how SMCS funds are spent.
-One of the requirements to receive the 100% funding is that 80% of the funding needs to be directly related to instructional funding.
-We are very pleased to announce this information in regard to the financial health of SMCS.

Erin Havrilesky, Curriculum/Guidance
-SMCS is currently addressing updating our a-g course list to approve online vendors who have gone through the UC approval process.
-There is a new process that online courses can’t be included on transcripts unless they have been UC approved.
-Guidance/curriculum; SMCS has been collaboratively working with other IEM managed schools (South Sutter, Ocean Grove, and Connective Waters Charter Schools) to brainstorm and idea share. This has brought more clarity of what the students need in order to have a successful application to a UC or CSU campus.  
-SMCS is working intensively on researching the implementation of E-textbooks and apps for mobile devises.
-Part of process is to look at mobile devise management systems and having meetings with major publishers.
-The E-textbooks will be significantly less expensive than paper textbooks; this will help funds go farther. Paper texts will still be available.

-Valerie Williams commented that a potential vendor who offers labs had a concern about being paid after the service.
-Shana Fisk advised her that the vendor can contact Vendor Relations.

Shana Fisk, SMCS Update
-Common core standards are being implemented in the state of California and 47 other states for all public schools.
-The last year to do this is 2014/15, which is the year that the SBAC (smarter balanced assessment consortium) will be implemented in place of the STAR test.
-Next year, SMCS will be doing teacher and parent training.
-SMCS is excited about common core standards.
-This will be an adjustment, but we believe it will be good for our students.
-More information about common core standards can be found on the CDE website.
-SMCS has a new website that has been renovated for easier navigation.
-SMCS has a new assessment team this year, which has been really great for the school.
-This is the first year SMCS has had an official assessment “team.”
-SMCS was able to make available Reading Eggs and Study Island for our students this year; both licenses got taken up so fast we bought a second round.
-SMCS is excited that people used this opportunity and the feedback has been positive.

-Tracy Springford asked: will common core standards affect curriculum choice?
-Shana Fisk answered that as far as we know this will not drastically affect K-8 grade curriculum choice; they will still have the multiple choices of curriculum that they have now. The concepts that will be the goal as far as how it’s taught will change. Common core standards gear toward higher order thinking skills. High school curriculum choice will be affected as far as the way a-g is submitted with common core curriculum.

-Christine DeVries commented that she likes the new site, but asked is it still updating? She had trouble opening some of the links.
-Shana Fisk commented that glitches are being addressed; she asked that as people find glitches to please report them to your ES so that he/she can report them to be fixed.



Sarah Coyan, May Parent Council Election Report
-Thank you for being a part of the 2012/13 school year parent council.
-The following members have completed their two year term on the Parent Council:    
    Valerie Williams, Jennifer Felton, Debbie Mashburn, Christina Shearholdt, Heidi Lynch,    Danyale Dumont, Krista Williamson, Juliet Pailes, Sonia Giordani-Johnston, Lora Way    -The following members will continue on the Parent Council for the 2013/14 school year     serving their 2nd term:
    Vikki Gonzales, Marci Peterson, Josie Robles, Bernadette Oakley, Elizabeth Eagen,    Renee Henry, Christine DeVries, Tracy Springford, Victoria Lehndorfer
    -Parent Council elections to fill the 10 vacant spots will take place in May.
    -A parent listserv announcement will go out asking SMCS parents to contact Sarah    Coyan if they would like their name placed on the ballot.
    -The ballot will go out to SM families via a Google form to vote in the new members of    the council. The new members will be announced in the fall at the beginning of the     2013/14 school year.



-Katie Ringhofer requested $650.00 for graduation needs from the SMCS petty cash account.
-Shana reported that the SMCS petty cash account has a current ending balance of $2799.26.
-The $650.00 funds for graduation needs will go toward decorations, flowers, diploma holders, and printing of the program for graduation.
-Parent Council members voted yes by unanimous vote for $650.00 of SMCS petty cash funds to go toward the 2012/13 graduation needs.
-We are looking forward to a beautiful graduation to honor the students who have worked hard.

-Shana Fisk adjourned meeting at 1:53pm.

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