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Special Education Office
619.698.KIDS (5437)
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Placerville, CA 95667



Welcome to the Special Education Department at Charter School.  It can be said, "Worrying about the future only zaps you of your strength today". We at , understand that you, as the parent of a student with special needs, have worries.  We want to help you conserve your emotional energy for the day's task of instructing your child and, to that means, encourage you to communicate with your child's providers.  Some of the typical worries that many of our parent have may be "Who will be my child’s Special Education teacher be this year?" or  "Will the teacher and my child have good rapport?”  Parents of children with special needs have an extra layer of worry, not only asking these same questions, but also one very important question- “Will the teacher be able to meet my child’s unique needs?”  At , we pride ourselves on providing the best possible learning environment for your child.   All of our Special Education teachers have the proper credentials and experience to address your child's unique personalities and learning styles.  Our goal is to have a teacher or service provider who can make a difference and work collaboratively on the IEP goals that your child's IEP team has agreed upon.  We want your experience with us to be successful and, more importantly, we want your child to feel that success!


We strongly believe that your child's education and well-being is essential to your child's future.  To that end, we do have legal obligations under the federal law that governs Special Education. This law is called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  There may be communications from time to time regarding the legally mandated Special Education services that we are required to provide your child while he or she is identified as a Special Education student.  There will also be regular discussions between your child's providers and you regarding your child's progress.  We have found that with regular communication, we can ease those inherent worries.  We do encourage pro-active communication.  If you do have any concerns that arise, please contact the Special Education office at 619-698-KIDS (5437).

We are looking forward to serving your child so that they can experience success.


 is a public charter school and is able to provide the appropriate services that your child requires, as designated in your child's IEP.  Services are delivered in person, or virtual services are an option.MyCloud

The Department of Special Education will ensure that children with disabilities receive a Free Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment.  The Special Education Department accomplishes this by working collaboratively with families, students, teachers and other professionals to promote success through a focus on curriculum and instruction, driven by progress monitoring that adjusts curriculum and instruction for optimal success.


Along with IEM’s Guiding Principles, the Special Education Department, working collaboratively with experienced educators and passionate families, is dedicated to helping students succeed by providing the skills, compassion and confidence to allow all students to reach their full potential.


4535 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 1A  Placerville, CA 95667
Phone 800-979-4436 
Fax 530-295-3583

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