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Note for Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are ordered using the regular PO process. The Educational Specialist will submit a purchase order for approved magazines from the appropriate approved vendor, with the ship to address being that of the Education Specialist.  The comment, "Subscription," must be included in the ES comment area of the PO.

Magazines will be shipped directly to the Education Specialist from the vendor. The ES is responsible for delivering subscription materials to students during the school year by the next scheduled Learning Record Meeting.

Once the Purchase order has been sent to the vendor, the school is not responsible for tracking or contacting the vendor regarding subscriptions or any other customer service related tasks.  Subscriptions cannot be canceled. Ordering a magazine subscription is at own risk.

Subscription selections that appear on the Approved Subscription List may be made available to our students. As with other materials, the ES must determine that the subscription(s) being ordered is appropriate for the educational needs of the individual student for whom it will be provided.

Additional subscription selections may be considered for inclusion on the Approved Subscription List through the vendor approval process. The ES must follow the Vendor Approval Procedure. The request for approval of a specific subscription will be considered using the criteria for vendor approval. The ES will be notified about the status of the subscription approval via e-mail.

When a family transfers to a new Educational Specialist, it is the responsibility of the former ES to forward the magazine to the new ES for delivery to the family. If an Education Specialist leaves our organization and the family wants to continue receiving the magazine, the family may be required to pay for another subscription.

Magazine TitleDescriptionGrade RangeMagazine LinkWho to Order From
Magazine TitleDescriptionGrade RangeMagazine LinkWho to Order From

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