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We commit to providing innovative public education environments for students, their parents and teachers by empowering them to collaboratively create learning opportunities which will develop responsible and contributing members of society.

Proposition 30, The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, approved by the voters on November 6, 2012, temporarily increases the state’s sales tax rate for all taxpayers and the personal income tax rates for upper­income taxpayers.

The new revenues generated from Proposition 30 are deposited into a newly created state account called the Education Protection Account (EPA).

Sky Mountain 2016/17 Education Protection Account (EPA)











Expenditures are budgeted for Student Instructional Funds

Important Note:

How is EPA funding calculated?

LEAs will receive funds from the EPA based on their proportionate share of the statewide revenue limit amount, which includes charter school general purpose funding. However, an LEA’s EPA entitlement will be reduced so that funding from local property taxes and EPA combined does not exceed an LEA’s revenue limit or charter school general purpose entitlement, provided that at a minimum, each LEA will receive at least $200 per unit of average daily attendance (ADA) in EPA funds. A corresponding reduction is made to an LEA’s revenue limit or charter school general purpose state aid equal to the amount of the EPA entitlement. For most non excess tax LEAs, the EPA entitlement will directly offset the state aid, resulting in no net difference.

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