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We commit to providing innovative public education environments for students, their parents and teachers by empowering them to collaboratively create learning opportunities which will develop responsible and contributing members of society.

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Work-flexibility: As an employee who primarily works from home, you have a tremendous amount of flexibility within your schedule. You’re no longer bound by the school bell but instead can make time in your schedule for appointments and family needs. Few other places provide full time employment with the flexibility we offer. 

Family Focus: Not only do you have the opportunity to be paid for educating your own children in the manner you see fit, but working from home also allows you to be present for those special moments that otherwise would be missed.

Freedom: As a professional you’re trusted to do your job and do it well. Because our system is unique there is necessary ongoing training and there is always someone available to support you but for the most part you have the freedom to do an excellent job in the way you see fit, without a supervisor always watching over your shoulder.

Commute: According to the census, the average American commute time is 30 minutes per direction per day. Thats 5 hours a week you don’t have to spend sitting in rush hour traffic. Research has shown that commuting decreases a person’s health due to the added stress and air pollution. Don’t forget all the money saved from gas and car maintenance. For those that do travel, this is why we offer a mileage stipend per student served.

Other Expenses: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average household spends $1,800 a year on clothing, some of which is for work. Not needing a closet full of business clothes saves money. The IRS allows teachers to deduct expenses of up to $250 a year on their taxes for classroom expenses. Why? The government knows teachers pay out of pocket to equip their classrooms. In our independent study model you don’t need to worry about those additional expenses.  Working from home also equates to eating more meals at home. Based on a survey done from Visa, women spend around $14 per lunch eating out with coworkers which adds up to more than $1500 a year for the average female worker.

Mission: By being a part of IEM, you are supporting a mission that puts students and families first, rather than a one-sized fits all educational experience that takes place in many other schools. Developing a connection with a student and their family can be a very rewarding experience in knowing that you have impacted a child's life for the better.

Guiding Principles: Many organizations have some sort of positive social statement as part of their mission or vision but few go as far as our guiding principles. We hope that all who are a part of our organization seek to live out these guiding principles to care for one another. Working with people who care about others is an intangible benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Benefits: At $1300 a month for full time employees, our benefits package is more generous than many employers. The average school district covers health/dental/vision for the employee but nothing more. IEM allows employees the flexibility to use their benefit dollars in the way they best see fit for their individual situation.

Safety Net: Being a part of IEM provides a financial safety net. During the great recession of the late 2000’s when educational budgets were being slashed across the state and schools were missing payments, IEM floated money (interest free) to the individual schools so that there was never a missed payroll or unpaid bills. With the up and down budget cycles California is known for, having a financial safety net also kept IEM schools from laying off any staff due to lack of funds.

Student Connections: Where else in education do you have the potential to work 1-on-1 with a family for years as you watch the student grow and learn. That type of relationship is deeply rewarding and allows you to see the actual benefit you bring to educating a child and their family.

Pay: Pay is calculated on a per student, per day rate. A full time, first year ES serving K-8 students will make around $45,000 plus allowances for mileage, supplies and technology. A full time, first year ES serving 9-12th grade students who qualify for additional services can earn up to $82,000 annually plus allowances for mileage, supplies and technology. However, most first year, full time ES's serve primarily K-8 students until they become comfortable enough (or have a single subject credential) to teach high school. Per student per year rates increase annually.

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