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Reasoning Mind is an online mathematics program that develops students’ higher-order thinking skills, ignites their interest in math, and prepares them

for advanced courses like algebra.


A screenshot from the student interface in Blueprint, showing the virtual world students encounter as they learn math.

Math Curriculum for TK-1
Reasoning Mind Blueprint is an online, supplemental software program for students in pre-K through first grade that covers the skills and knowledge that are essential to future success in mathematics. Students are immersed in a virtual world much like the real world – allowing them to connect the mathematics they are learning to their everyday surroundings. The program builds conceptual understanding through a combination of educational animations, instructional exercises, and detailed explanations. Now available in Spanish!

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Screenshot: When students log into Foundations, a blended learning math program, they see an animated world full of various engaging learning modes.

Math Curriculum for Grades 2-5
Reasoning Mind Foundations is a blended learning math program focused on developing the number and operation sense, critical thinking abilities, and problem-solving skills students need to be successful in later grades. Students learn math in an engaging, animated world at their own pace, while teachers use the system’s real-time data to provide individualized instruction.

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Screenshot: When students log in to Edifice, they see a dashboard showing their upcoming math lessons, progress, resources, homework, and a variety of other learning modes.

Math Curriculum for Grades 6-7
Reasoning Mind Edifice is a middle school math curriculum focused on developing the knowledge students will need for later success in algebra and other advanced courses. Based on a large body of research regarding social interaction in learning, the innovative platform simulates the experience of learning through small-group discussions led by a recurring cast of expert tutors and virtual peers. The immersive, personalized environment engages students, and allows classroom teachers the opportunity to use the system’s data for targeted intervention, enrichment, and instruction.

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Screenshot: Students using Smarter Solving can see their overall math progress and growth by target.

Smarter Solving
Adaptive Problem-Solving & Next Generation
Test-Readiness Software for Grades 2-5
Reasoning Mind Smarter Solving is a math program designed to build the problem solving skills students need for success both in life and on next generation assessments. This research-based program is adaptive, personalized, flexible, and engaging for students. It empowers teacher instruction and intervention by providing meaningful data in user-friendly formats.

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