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If you have questions about enrolling in our school, please visit our Enroll page or call Parent Support at: 1-800-979-4436.


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The best way to predict your future is to create it.
- Abraham Lincoln

Using the College Planning Resources

See the below links to explore ways to chart your course.  Once you are familiar with the resources, we suggest that you come back to the top link for California Colleges and create an account as this is what your guidance coordinators will be using as the primary tool for tracking with you on your progress.


Paths to a Four Year Degree

Some students choose to go directly to a four-year university after graduation.  Others get their general education requirements done at a community college and transfer from there to a four-year university. Both of these paths require careful planning on the way to the university. For students going directly into a university, it is important to work diligently and get good grades. You will also need to take college entrance exams. Colleges combine your grade point average, the difficulty of the courses you chose, and entrance exam scores to decide if you are eligible and then if you are admitted.Eligible means that you met the minimum requirements and a computer doesn't exclude you from the applicant pool. Beyond that, colleges compare you to other students to decide whether or not to admit you. Many Colleges are very selective and choose only a small percentage of their applicant pool.


4535 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 1A  Placerville, CA 95667
Phone 800-979-4436 
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