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Community College Concurrent Enrollment

  • Our school encourages capable high school students to enroll in community college courses when it is deemed appropriate by the parent and the ES. In addition, University of California campuses may accept and enroll students from non-accredited high schools if they have a proven academic record from their local community college. Students desiring entrance to a UC should be sure to read about the university requirements found in the guidance section of the university’s website. 
  • Overview of Concurrent Enrollment
  • Procedure for Concurrent Enrollment

College Tuition 

Charter schools cannot pay for community college tuition. For families who qualify financially, students can apply for the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver., available at all California Community Colleges.

College Books

Instructional funds can be used to purchase college texts. College bookstores are treated the same as any other vendor.   Many of our community college bookstores are already vendors. If the college bookstore is not a vendor, the book may have to be ordered directly from the publisher.

General Information

When choosing classes, many community colleges won't allow students to take courses that they could have taken at their school. There are many options that still fill the a-g requirements. To check a community college a-g course list click here: A-G Course Lists at UCOP.  

When choosing courses, ideally the course will fill an a-g requirement for freshman admissions AND fulfill graduation requirements once they are in a four-year university. All public universities require a college student to graduate with a breadth of knowledge and therefore they have what are called General Education requirements taken from a variety of subject areas.  For information about what course number at a California Community College will match prerequisites for California public universities, go to ASSIST.ORG.

Williams College - Center for Theatre and Dance

Students taking community college courses while concurrently enrolled in high school must be attempting at least 20 high school units.

Institution Classes Earned units/credits HS Equivalent Total HS Credits
High School English 9A
Biology 1A
5 HS credits
5 HS credits
5 HS credits

5 HS credits
5 HS credits
5 HS credits
5 HS credits
5 HS credits
 College Psychology
3 college units
3 college units
10 HS credits
10 HS credits
Total Units        40

Colleges may require placement testing and/or orientation sessions, so it is important for parents to start this process early to meet application and enrollment deadlines.



4535 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 1A  Placerville, CA 95667
Phone 800-979-4436 
Fax 530-295-3583

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