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Special Education Office
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My child is enrolled in Special Education.  Do you enroll students with an IEP?
Yes!  All students in special education are looked at on a case by case basis to ensure that FAPE can be met in our independent study setting.  After submitting your application and all relevant documents, our Special Education Enrollment Coordinator will call you to discuss your child’s unique needs.

My student has a 504 Plan.  Can that be honored in an independent study environment?
Although a 504 Plan is a general education function, a 504 Plan is a legal document that must be adhered to by any public school.  We honor 504 plans and tailor them to meet each student’s specific needs in our setting.

How are SAI services provided?
Students who have Specialized Academic Instruction designated as a service on their IEP will be assigned an Special Education teacher.  That Special Education teacher will meet with your student, at a frequency determined in the IEP, to work on specific areas of need as stated in the IEP goals.

How are IEP meetings held?
Our IEP meetings are typically held via teleconference at a mutually agreed upon time by all IEP team members.

What services do you provide?
Some of our most common services are Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) and Speech Therapy.  Services are unique to each student’s needs and are addressed on an individual basis with the IEP team.  We provide our services in person, or, if the parent chooses, many services can be provided virtually through our online, virtual classroom.

My child needs extra support, but I’m not sure he needs special education.  Are there other options?
All IEM schools have a Student Success Team (SST) in place to support struggling students.  This team consists of the parent(s) and school personnel who help determine appropriate interventions for your student.

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