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Considerations to Take Into Account in Choosing  Courses to Take in 7th and 8th Grade

Important Considerations

As a parent choice school, we allow 7th and 8th graders to take high school courses.  The important things to think about before choosing this for a child is to understand how it will help now and how it will affect high school and college.  We need to examine the purpose of the choice as well.  Is it to graduate early and go to a community college, or is it to help the student to get ahead in order to go directly into a 4-year university after graduation?  Is it simply to challenge a bright child in new learning?


  • Trying to Get Ahead in Coursework to Go Directly into a 4-year University

    • In order to gain admission into a public 4-year California university directly from high school, students must have 11 a-g courses by the end of the junior year.  This holds true for most private schools as well

    • The only High School a-g courses that universities accept as taken in 7th and 8th grade are in math and Languages Other than English.  This means that if a student takes a-g English 9 in middle school, he will still need to take 4 years of a-g English in high school.  Having taken English 9 before high school does not help gain any classes that he will put on his college applications.  If the student transfers to another school for high school it is likely he will have to take English 9 over again because most schools require English every year and English 9 may be the only English class offered to freshmen.

    • Math classes taken in Middle School will excuse students from taking that class in high school. No units will be awarded for algebra 1. Geometry units can be earned for graduation and can be used to meet the geometry requirement for universities. Students will still need to take at least three years of more advanced math and preferably four years.



  • The best way to have more a-g coursework to use on college applications is to take:

    • Math: A parent must understand that by taking advanced math in middle school, they would be needing to do by junior and senior year. See Math Progression

    • Language other than English: If a student begins taking high school courses in a foreign language in middle school, they can get to a 4th year of a language by the end of the sophomore year.  From here they could take AP courses in that language for junior and/or senior year or pursue two years of a different language.  

    • Special Interest and Life Skill Courses:  One of the strengths of our school is the emphasis of special interest and life skill courses.  Students can pursue some of these courses in middle school so there is more room in their schedule for additional a-g courses while enrolled in high school.  This also helps students to learn about what they like and learn new skills that can help direct them through high school and beyond.

  • If students are looking to graduate early and go directly to a community college, a-g courses can be taken but keep in mind that plans can change and it is best to leave as many doors open as possible.  Rather than taking English 9, challenge your child with a different literature course.  Challenge students by using more common core curriculum and to think more deeply and learn to make evidence based claims.  This will help them because the college entrance exams are changing their tests to emphasize these skills.




  • The ES will review the pros and cons with the parent and the parent will be asked to sign that they understand the content of the presentation.

  • 7th and 8th grade students must score on-level in iReady reading to be eligible to take up to three high school level English, history/social science, science, or reading/writing-based elective courses for high school credit.

  •  Students must score on-level in iReady math to take geometry or higher for high school credit.  

    Students scoring above-level (one grade level or higher on iReady) may take more than three high school courses.

  • Students scoring “advanced” in those areas may take more than three high school courses.  



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